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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Epilogue 1

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Location: Travel stage

Tori: Anzu~♪

It’s the day of “Dream Travel;” enjoy yourself as an audience member today!

Hm? You’re troubled because there’s really nothing for you to do....? President did cover everything, including the stage, the outfits, and the choreography, after all

President also said that you should just watch over us from the audience, so you really don’t have to work, you know~?

Mitsuru: Hime-chan!

Tori: How insolent of you to casually call my name!

...Oh, it’s you, Mitsuru. You came just as you promised. I don’t see Hajime; was he not able to make it?

It’s too bad; I wanted Hajime to experience the feel of a overseas trip. He’s apparently poor, and he’s rarely taken a trip in his life, right?

Even though I said I’d pay for all the expenses, including those for his family, he said absolutely not, and stubbornly refused to nod his head

So, this is the only way I can get him to feel like he’s gone on vacation

Mitsuru: Cheer up, Hime-chan! Hajime-chan went to get Shinobu-chan.... Ah, he’s back. Hajime-cha~n, over here, over here!

Hajime: Mitsuru-kun, I’m sorry. I was resting because the crowds were so huge...

Sengoku-kun, are you all right? If you don’t feel well, would you like to try sniffing a sachet? It’ll calm you down~♪

Shinobu: I-I’m fine! I’m not so sick of the crowds that I feel like throwing up

It seems like the mint gum I received from Vice President is effective~♪

Tori: Eh, Vice President sure is kind to you, huh....?

Shinobu: Hhmph, Vice President always takes care of me

Vice President likes ninja; I’m happy, because it feels like he recognizes the ninja way of life ♪

Tori: Hm, I don’t really understand, but. If Vice President is favorable towards ninja, the Ninja Association really might become a club one day

Mitsuru: Hime-chan, is that a pilot outfit? I’ve seen it before in a book, but the color was a darker... navy, I think? U~, I don’t really remember well

Tori: Yes. The “Dream Travel” outfits are based off of pilot outfits

But, we made the colors a little brighter because otherwise they wouldn’t look good on stage

Shinobu: We did the same in “Fuun Emaki.” I suppose it means it’s not good to be completely realistic

Anyhow, we will watch Himemiya-kun and his comrades’ live from the audience. The weather is good; a perfect day for travel ♪

Wataru: Butler-san, do you know where the Right-hand person is hiding?

The moment he saw my face, he turned around and disappeared somewhere; don’t you think that’s terrible?

I intended to meddle with him in all sorts of ways, but now my plans are foiled

I acknowledge the Right-hand person as my lifetime rival; yet, he won’t even pay attention to me~

Well, I suppose that’s fine. The Right-hand person must have come to watch “Dream Travel” for Eichi’s sake, after all

It must be tough having such a worrisome childhood friend

...Oh, I suppose that goes for you too, Butler-san ♪

Yuzuru: Hibiki-sama. If you have the time to talk to me, why don’t you entertain the guests with your specialty—your magic tricks?

Or, I suppose we could confirm the program

This “Dream Travel” is, of course, meant to make the guests happy, but that is not all

We planned this DreamFes so that we, too, could enjoy the experience of an overseas trip

We will impersonate pilots and guide our guests through a pleasant trip in the sky

We were not able to practice much, but the main performances are moderate, so

It’s unlikely that the live will come to a halt [because of a misstep]

If there were a problem, it would be with the wire actions, but... this is also not something we should worry about

It was not initially part of the program; to think that we would decide to do it a few days before the performance

The installation for the wire action is already complete, is it not?

Wataru: Eichi did say that we should face this live as if we were going to perform a fun party, after all

It would be unexciting to only perform songs and dance. If we are taking our guests on a trip through the skies, I should take hold of our guests and glide through the air...!

But, of course, there is a limit to the strength of the wire, and we need to consider the burden on the knobs, as well. In reality, I will probably just glide through the air and look as if I’m flying

Yuzuru: That is probably the best choice from a safety-aspect angle as well. Though Hibiki-sama, you seem like you could fly through the sky even without a wire?

Wataru: Even if I can fool people with quick tricks, I am human. Humans cannot fly; if you jump off the roof without a lifeline, you will die, normally

Well, I am sturdier than normal humans, and I am a genius, so if I attempt it, I really might succeed, but

It would not be wise to distance myself from the ground by aiming for the heights again

That is why I will put on a harness, just like a human. There should be salvation even in a world like a miniature garden

Tori: Yuzuru and Hibiki-senpai are talking....

Eh? “Don’t you want to join, too?” No, I would rather talk to Anzu

When I’m talking to Long-hair, I sometimes seriously begin to question my own values

There are quite a few guests, huh

The DreamFes rank is “S3,” and we didn’t advertise too much, but it seems like there are enough people to fill this rooftop stage

We prepared a seat for you in the very front row, Anzu, so that you can watch our performance clearly

Look, do you see where Vice President is sitting? The seat next to his is Anzu’s seat ♪

Anzu is always working hard for me and the other idols

It’s a master’s job to reward the slaves; it’s fine if you feel like you’re on a trip for just today

Nobody is going to criticize you for taking a little break

So, enjoy yourself to the fullest! We’ll provide you with a trip that will become your greatest memory ☆

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