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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Epilogue 2

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Location: Travel stage

Wataru: “Hello everyone, attention please~☆

Thank you for waiting; “Dream Travel” will now commence! Please greet us with a grand round of applause...☆

Thank you! “fine,” the greatest “unit” in Yumenosaki Academy, will guide you on a trip through the skies!

Please do not leave your seats during the flight, for there will be turbulence

This craft will soon prepare for departure; please make sure your seatbelts are tightly fastened”

Tori: (Wai—what about the scene where I guide our guests to the aircraft!? We skipped over it completely and set off, what am I supposed to do~?)

Yuzuru: (Please rest assured; it is likely part of the program. We have the guests feel as if they’ve taken their seats in the aircraft, and get them excited about the land of their dreams)

(I don’t understand it too well, but apparently, as a reward for their labor, they [commoners] go on overseas trips and eat meals at restaurants)

Tori: (Oh. That sure is a commoner-like way of thinking? Labor is the obligation of slaves, so it’s irrelevant to me, a noble)

(Well, I’ll guide our guests just as planned... or, I’ll pretend to)

(We were barely able to practice, but I’ll make sure to perform perfectly)

(I am Himemiya Tori of “fine”; I’ll show everyone that I’m different from common idols....!)


(While walking along the stage, I’ll turn around to make sure that the guests are following me)

(This feels more like a job for a tour conductor than a pilot, but this is my role!)

(Once I enter the cockpit, the door will distance me far away from the guests)

(It’s the cabin crew’s job to look after the passengers during the flight, so I won’t be able to stay by the guests’ side to the very end, but)

(My heart is always by their side. The endless sky is waiting for everyone—for us all....!)

“You don’t have to rush into the aircraft; it’s our motto at “fine airlines” to stay close to our customers

I’ll look after all of you, including those of you who didn’t rest well during the New Year’s holidays and those of you who enjoyed them to their fullest

Now, we’re about to depart. Follow after me, everyone.....☆”

Yuzuru: (Bocchama.... You truly are growing as the days and months pass by)

(Bocchama, your song and smile are treasures in this world; if you spread those freely, it is only natural for the audience to focus their eyes on you)

(You have grown into somebody who is loved by and loves many people—not just me—and my vision almost seems blocked by tears)

(Your adorable looks are an idol’s weapon. They are more than enough to supplement your song and performance; a gift from the heavens)

(But, you were not satisfied with just that, and that is why you worked hard... the fruits of your labor are apparent here)

(Really, this is so unlike the lazy bocchama I knew)

(There is not one person who does not change as time goes by; I suppose it means bocchama was no exception. In any case, this is wonderful....♪)


(Fufu, my voice is unusually cheerful)

(My joy over bocchama’s growth and my enjoyment of this trip combined must be drawing out more strength than usual)

“Everyone, please make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Keep your luggage close and make sure you do not drop it”

Wataru: “~.....♪”

Yuzuru: (Hm. Hibiki-sama seems to be done with his preparations)

“Everyone seems to be enjoying their trip through the skies

To ensure a pleasant in-flight experience, we have prepared some entertainment. Please, look above your heads ♪

Wataru: “Fuhahahahaha....☆

“Are you surprised; it is the pilot, Hibiki Wataru....☆ I don’t need to hear valid arguments like, “if you’re a pilot, you should operate in the cockpit”!

“fine airlines” will take you on a journey to your dreams. My magic will ensure this aircraft’s safe passage, so do not worry ♪

Now, now, if this is enough to shock you, you’re going to be shaken off

It would be the same as letting go of the bars on a roller coaster; let us avoid such dangerous acts....☆

“Isn’t it dangerous for you to be doing wire actions,” you ask?

Of course it is dangerous! Neither good children, normal children, nor bad children should ever copy me!”

Eichi: “♪~♪~”

(I’m jealous; I want to leap through the sky like Wataru. Wire actions are dangerous: I could get an abrasion, or even a bruise)

(If I fall or suddenly get pulled up, my heart will definitely stop)

(I endured drinking the medicine my doctor prescribed to make sure that my condition wouldn’t worsen on the day of the performance)

(If I collapse, everything will be ruined. It would steal the smiles from the audience)

(Even though entertaining the audience is an idol’s duty; in one moment, their dreams would be ruined)

(Both we and the audience are on a journey to our dreams. A pilot has an important job—he takes responsibility for the lives of his customers)

(I have to fulfill my job, both as an idol and as a pilot)


(Now, we’ve arrived at our destination. Where shall we go next? I express myself through gestures as I spin the globe)

(Even while doing so, I don’t stop singing, and keep the audience entertained)

(Observe what kind of performance the audience best reacts to. The eye is the window to the mouth; if they react the way we want them to, excellent)

(If something seems even a little bit off, thoroughly break down the issue)

(It’s the same as observing the actions of idols and greedily consuming them)

(I observe what they want from us, come up with an answer, and reflect that in our dance and song)

(I will not miss even the slightest change; nothing is impossible for me, as I reach for an even greater height)

(Now, let us burn our souls till there is nothing left.... No, let us have some fun ♪)


Wataru: (Please don’t take my turn, Eichi. You’re hogging the audience’s attention; that’s unfair)

(Let me appeal more; I’m impatient to show off ☆)

Eichi: (What are you saying? You made the most grand appearance out of all of us here. But, well, fine. Let us sing together; let us sing at the top of our voices)


Wataru: “♪~♪~”

Eichi: Fufu, the audience seems happy

(I hope that this trip through the skies we are escorting you on will become your greatest memory...♪)

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