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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Prologue

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Setsubun was originally a term used to mark the days when the seasons changed from one to the next; now, the term is only used to describe the day before “Spring” in Japan. Setsubun usually falls on the 3rd or 4th of February.

Shoufuku literally means “inviting fortune,” and is used to describe something that brings about good fortune, but as the title is already so long, I’ve kept it this way.

Oni are creatures from folklore (you may see this alternately translated as “ogre,” “devil,” etc.); I’ve chosen “demon.”

Location: Hallway

Hinata: He~y, Anzu-san!

Out with demons, in with fortune1~♪

Yup, today is the day of the “Setsubun Festival”! I’m participating, too~; seems like the contents are rather different from the usual DreamFes, so I’m excited ☆

The “Setsubun Festival,” is “S3,” after all. I like “S3”~; they’re all weird DreamFes performances that would have previously been called “B1”

They’re not large-scale events, a lot of them are the type you can participate in casually

We, “2wink,” can’t really take the leading role in more formal DreamFes, but... If it’s an “S3,” we can go wild, right at the center

That’s why I’ve been so happy recently, and am participating in all sorts of “S3”

Charging into events that welcome unofficial participants~ , or planning them out on my own

Yep. Only the “producer” or the leaders of each “unit” can submit proposals for “S3,” right?

I’m the leader of “2wink,” so I can submit proposals carefreely

I get to do whatever I want~. That’s why I welcome “S3’s” establishment

“Producer” Anzu-san and the Student Council must be super troubled because of the increased number of DreamFes, though ♪

Anzu-san, are you responsible for this “Setsubun Festival” as well?

Aah, Sakuma-senpai was the one who planned this out, wasn’t he.... It’s a little rare for that person to move voluntarily, isn’t it?

So, because he’s also participating in the “Setsubun Festival,” he left the preparation and progress entirely to Anzu-san, huh

Well, thanks for all your work~; I wish I could help out in some way, but

Perhaps it’s because the “Setsubun Festival” is Sakuma-senpai’s plan; for an “S3,” it seems like it’ll be an irregularly large-scale DreamFes

I want to make a solid impression, and leave lasting results

We, “2wink,” are rising steadily right now~. I want to make our presence known at a grand event, so we can get on a roll and advance rapidly

Our goal is the peak of Yumenosaki Academy ♪

Yup! I’ll try my best, thank you for your encouragement... Anzu-san ♪

...Oh. Sorry, I’ll get going now. Good luck with your work~, bye-bye ♪

Yuuta: He~y, Anzu-san!

Out with demons, in with fortune~♪ It’s finally the day of the “Setsubun Festival”!

Fufu. I’m happy I got to see Anzu-san on a day off ♪

....Hm? What happened? You look as if you’ve eaten something strange?

It’s that you ate too much fukumame2, right? Those don’t taste that good, but for some reason, you just can’t stop putting them in your mouth

They’re not very good for your digestive system, so your stomach gets all rumbly....

There are some that have sweet flavoring, but I like spicy food, so those don’t make me happy at all

Nn? aniki was here just now?

He greeted you with the exact same gestures, so you were surprised because you thought you went back in time....?

Hm.... So, aniki is participating in the “Setsubun Festival” as an idol, huh

Yes. As you know, I’m participating as a staff member this time

Anzu-san, you must know that, because we constructed the stage, decorated it, and prepared for the “Setsubun Festival” together

The event involves throwing beans all over the school, so we’ll need a cleaning staff, and

It would be a huge problem if someone inadvertently stepped on a bean, fell, and hurt themselves

Because the “S3” was just established, there are a greater number of DreamFes, so there aren’t enough staff members, right?

That’s why there’s more demand for staff, or rather, for “part-time jobs at school“

That’s why lately I’ve been participating in “part-time jobs at school” whenever I can

I might not look it, but I’m quite skillful, so if it’s menial work, I can do pretty much anything

I want to raise funds with that, and, eventually, make a hu~ge hit

Right now, aniki and I are having trouble matching our breaths3, so... Rather than stand on stage, make a mistake, and embarrass ourselves, I want to prioritize fundraising

It seems like aniki secretly took part-time jobs; I want to make up for that, and collect funds myself

Even though we’re the same age, he acts like my guardian, and it makes me angry

But, well, we’ll steadily work our way up, try hard, and aim for the peak of Yumenosaki Academy ♪

...Nn? Really, what’s wrong? You’ve been making strange faces for a while?

Eh, are aniki and I fighting....? Why would you think that?

No, we’re not fighting.... It’s true that we’ve been a little awkward since the end of last year, though

How should I put it—aniki, he’s been weirdly considerate of me. And I don’t complain to him as much. I wonder if we’ve become a little distant

I guess we don’t meet face-to-face as often, at home or at school.....

Well, we’re in different classes, and our hobbies and favorite things are exact opposites, so in truth, we don’t have much in common

Even at home, we spend all our time in our own rooms, doing what we enjoy

Of course, when we work as “2wink,” we get together to practice and perform lives with our all, though

We’re getting results, too. Recently, we’re really rising steadily

Our ratings are rising, and we’re getting more fans... That’s why there’s no problem at all, really

We’re in great condition. I’m not lying, so, please.... Anzu-san, don’t make such a worried face

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1. "Out with demons, in with fortune" is what you say during mamemaki (bean throwing, detailed in the Setsubun link at the beginning of the chapter), like a catchphrase
2. Literally, "fortune beans," roasted soybeans which are consumed on Setsubun. These are also the beans that are thrown at demons as part of mamemaki
3. “Match our breaths” is literal; “perform in sync” is another way to put it