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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Suspicion and Fears - 1

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The title of each set of chapters is a 4-character idiom. “Gishin Anki” is a phrase that means “suspicion brings on fear.”

Location: Student Council Room

Mao: This is seriously more work than I expected

“S3,” huh... President said, “We’re going to make a new DreamFes rank” so casually, but

Those of us at the site are super busy because we have to respond to such a spontaneous idea

Our hands are already full with evaluating DreamFes of all sizes; on top of that, we have to handle preparations and management. We’re way short on both people and time

Keito: But, it was a necessary measure

By getting involved in the DreamFes that were held as “B1” up till now—small-scale, unofficial battles, that could only be left alone—the Student Council places them under its control

With this, we can officially incorporate the “B1”—an outlet for student displeasure, and a place of free expression—while preserving its best qualities

If we left everything up to the students' independence, things would become a hotbed of disorder and recklessness

The “Produce department” will really start up next school year, so the Student Council’s burden should diminish then

This school year, through trial and error, we should experience as many mistakes and troubles as possible

That experience will become a treasure starting next school year. Through repeated trial and error, you will learn how to efficiently use the “S3”

This is that sort of transition period. We can only respond [to problems] by enduring and making continued efforts

Conditions will probably change drastically next school year for the sake of the newly established department and the like

The structures that Eichi or I created won’t be good enough; you’ll need to adjust to the changing times

Mistake is the mother of success, and necessity is the father of success1. In order to succeed in the future, we need to do everything we can right now, giving it our all

There’s no point in averting your eyes and just getting by

Mao: I understand.... But at least let me complain; I’m all right, but the other members of the Student Council seem ready to give up

In truth, the number of “S3” just keeps increasing

Everyone must have wanted to be free of the Student Council’s bidding; they wanted to act freely

But, they didn’t have the guts to stand up against the Student Council and participate in “B1”

That’s why. Now that the Student Council endorses the “S3,” allowing for free-spirited DreamFes, there’s no restraint

It’s kind of like, things are out of control because everyone is rejoicing

We’re in a situation where, as soon as we read one proposal, two or three new proposals are sent in

Unless we use a superpower to stop time, it’s physically impossible to deal with

Keito: Hm. There seems to be a structural issue here. At this rate, before next year... before the “Produce department” truly starts up, everything might collapse

Maybe we ought to radically change our way of thinking

Mao: Should we announce that we’ll temporarily stop accepting new proposals, save some time, and... use that time to think of a countermeasure?

Keito: No; I’m grateful that everyone is enthusiastic about sending in proposals

It’s not our intention to put a damper on everyone’s enthusiasm; let’s continue accepting “S3” proposals

As of now, only the “Producer” and the individual “unit” leaders can submit “S3” proposals

That’s why there should be a physical limit to the number of proposals that emerge

The problem is that we haven’t been able to process them all

A hypothetical solution would be to create a subordinate committee to the Student Council that closely examines the submitted proposals

Mao: So we’re going to have primary and secondary assessments, like an audition?

If we do that, fewer proposals will make their way up to me, so I might be able to manage

Keito: But if we make the process too lengthy, it might cause a scandal

For example, it would be easier for people to bribe and negotiate with those in charge of the organization making primary assessments

Mao: So long as we make sure the person in charge is reliable, I think we should be all right for a while

For example, we could choose a representative for each type of proposal, and assign experts in those respective genres

If it’s a proposal that focuses on fashion, we choose Kiryu-senpai or Itsuki-senpai, who take pride in making outfits... like that

So long as we leave the job to fastidious people, they’ll only approve proper proposals

If they let sloppy proposals pass because they’ve been bribed, that would harm their own reputation, after all

Or, Vice President, you could dispatch somebody that you really trust to monitor the process

Keito: Hm. Well, we only have to endure until the next school year, so for now, that seems like a sufficient way to deal with the problem

I’ll get started on creating that “proposal evaluation organization” right now

If it turns out to be effective, you can use this organization... this system for evaluation next year too

Well, for now, let’s start off with a trial experiment

Mao: Understoo~d. I have to monitor today’s “S3,” so.... I’ll be taking my leave for now

Keito: Yes. If you run into any sort of trouble, report to me, Isara

It’s a bit late to mention this, but... I’m sorry for making you work on your day off; I’m grateful that you’re so capable

Mao: I’m going to be the next Student Council President, right? At the very least, I’ll work hard enough to fulfill expectations

Keito: Yes. I’m glad that you’re part of the Student Council, Isara; I truly think that, from the heart

...By the way, what was the “S3” that you’re going to monitor today?

I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy recently that I haven’t been able to keep an eye on everything

Mao: Ah, it’s a DreamFes called the “Setsubun Festival.” It’s large for an “S3,”and it seems like it’ll be a lengthy event, so I expect a lot of work

Our reliable “Producer”.... Anzu is going to be in charge along with me, so, everything should be all right

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1. Only this first part is a commonly used idiom, the second part is likely just Keito adding his own flair