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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Suspicion and Fears - 2

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Location: Student Council Room

Keito: Setsubun, huh.... This is a personal comment, but it’s not an event that I like very much

Mao: Ahaha. You’re bad with soybeans, right, Vice President?

Yet when Student Council members brought fukumame, saying, “We brought something for you~,” you dutifully ate the number of beans equal to your age1

Keito: Hmph.... Well, there was no way I could treat their kindness with disdain. I’m not allergic to soybeans, and it’s not like they’re impossible to eat, either

But because I’ve eaten something I dislike, I feel a little sick... Exhaustion is also cursing me, so I feel dizzy

Mao: (Ahaha. Vice President gets deathly irritated just by looking at beans, and yet)

(He endured it in front of his juniors so that he wouldn’t look unpleasant, no matter what)

(He’s a good person~, really. Thanks for your hard work ♪)

If it’s an issue, please rest in the infirmary or something, Vice President. Leave the rest up to me ♪

Keito: Yes. I can always count on you, Isara

Location: AV Room

Mao: He~y there, Anzu. Thanks for your hard work ♪

Sorry, I’m a little late, aren’t I. The Student Council deskwork was a real load~; even though we’re working on our day off, the mountain of documents isn’t getting any smaller

Hm? “If you’re busy, leave the “Setsubun Festival” up to me~”?

We can’t do that, you know, since official DreamFes require someone from the Student Council to monitor them

“S3” are official DreamFes as well; someone from the Student Council needs to see them through

Anyway, you’re also busy as the “producer,” right? Let’s support each other; there’s no need for you to be overly considerate of me

We have that kind of relationship, right.... Anzu ♪

Yuuta: Eh, what kind of relationship? Isara-san and Anzu-san, are you two dating or something~♪

Mao: Don’t say silly things

Huh, the twin... You’re Yuuta, one of the twins. Ah, sorry, you disliked being called “~of the twins,” right?

Yuuta: Don’t worry about it~. In truth, even I think I was hung up on something petty...

I’ve put an end to that sort of rebellious-phase-like attitude

Mao: Put an end to it, huh.... That’s not something you can come to terms with so easily, right? Well, I guess that’s fine; for now, let’s talk about work

I’ll work hard enough to make up for my lateness, at least. What’s the situation; the “Setsubun Festival” already began, right?

Yuuta: Yes it did~, just a little while back, they went, “On your marks, get set, go2 ♪”

They’re periodically making announcements through the school broadcast, so you probably have a general idea of the situation

Mao: Yup. This “Setsubun Festival” has the full support of the Broadcasting Committee, and they’re recording the commotion that occurs all over the school, right

Afterwards, they’re going to edit those videos and whatnot, and show them to the entire school as an “In-School TV Program,”

Makoto, who’s a Broadcasting Committee member, was complaining that “I’m not used to filming, so this is troublesome~”

Yuuta: Ahaha. Now that you mention it, we’re quite familiar with radio-program like broadcasts, but they’ve also been doing “In-School TV Programs” since around the fall

On occasion, like during our mid-day break

Mao: Yup. Seems like they used to do them frequently; after all, there are TV monitors in every classroom

Apparently Nito-senpai, the leader of the Broadcasting Committee, said that he wanted to make use of those, and revived the “In-School TV Program”

But since he has no know-how and isn’t used to it, it seems like he went through a lot of trouble

They managed to put together an environment where they could create satisfactory content, so they wanted to try making something full-fledged~, apparently

That’s this “Setsubun Festival”

Seems like Nito-senpai made it a reality by asking his classmate Sakuma-senpai for help, and whatnot

It’s a seasonal theme, so there were a lot of Setsubun-themed DreamFes, but

Sakuma-senpai integrated all of those, and submitted the proposal under joint signatures

Creating a “S3” of unprecedented, huge scale. He really is good at that sort of thing

If he’s the one preparing everything, everyone will smile and have tons of fun...

It’ll become a dream-like, happy DreamFes that will end with “happily ever after,” right?

Well, we still can’t let our guard down. We’re probably short on people and preparations... Plus, there are a number of new things we’re trying out, such as putting everything together like a TV program

Let’s be careful so that no accidents occur, and dutifully manage the event

At any rate. It's a bit late to be asking this, but why were you guys in the AV room?

The management headquarters of the “Setsubun Festival” are at the tent established on the school grounds, right?

I sent Anzu a message from my smartphone, thinking I should give my greetings3, and then she told me she was here....

I was just passing by, so I dropped by to show my face

[Yuuta sighs]

Yuuta: Ha...... Well, the thing is, there was a little something that bothered us

Just as you explained, Isara-senpai, this “Setsubun Festival” is supposed to be arranged like a TV program, but

Something strange was caught on the surveillance cameras and the like4

But the video is rough, and the computers at the management headquarters were in use, so we had no choice but to play them in the AV room

Because it seemed like we could figure out what that mysterious video was all about if we used the machines here

It just bothered me personally, so I felt bad making Anzu-san tag along, but

Pretty much only Anzu-san, the person in charge, was allowed to take out things like video material

I am a staff member, but I’m just an underling who’s doing an “in-school job”; I don’t have any kind of authority

I’m good at toying around with machines, though, so I can analyze the video

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1. On Setsubun, you’re supposed to eat the amount of beans equal to your age—by doing so, you take in that amount of “fortune”
2. "よぉいドン♪" signifies the start of a race, because this event is like a game of tag
3. It’s fairly customary to exchange greetings for a job you’re doing; Mao likely wanted to say something like, “Let’s get along well today”
4. Yuuta mentions that the materials (“the surveillance cameras and the like”) are being used for the Setsubun Festival, but it cluttered up the translation while not really adding any significance so we threw it out the editing window