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Shoufuku ✽ Setsubun Festival of Demons and Brothers | Suspicion and Fears - 3

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Location: AV Room

Mao: Hmm.... I think the person in charge shouldn’t leave the management headquarters so easily. But that sounds concerning to me, too; what’s this video like?

Is it, that... err, weird?

Yuuta: Ah, it’s just about to play. It should show up on that screen over there, so please take a look

Nn~.... Even if I raise the resolution to the max, there’s still noise mixed in

Seems like they’re using proper hand-held cameras to record the video for the “In-School TV Program”

But this is a video taken from a surveillance camera that was installed just in case, after all

Mao: Let me see..... You’re right, this doesn’t seem to consider things like camera angle. Seems like something weird happened to get caught on camera

This is... Sakuma-senpai? What in the world is that person doing?

Location: Secret Room

Rei: “To everyone assembled, gu-mmo-nin1

I don’t think I need to introduce myself again, but I ought to observe etiquette....

This is Sakuma Rei of “UNDEAD”; I am truly delighted that you gathered today ♪

Fuaaafu.... I apologize; I’m unbearably sleepy in the morning. Come a little closer; it’s troublesome for me to even raise my voice

But, well, an incredible number of people assembled, huh

Will they all fit in this room? The ventilation here is poor, so I feel like I’m going to suffocate”

Natsume: “If you have complaints, get ouT2, Rei-niisan

Suddenly intruding and aLL.... I won’t give you a receptioN, but I hope you’re grateful for me providing you with a spacE”

Rei: “Yes. Thank you, Sakasaki-kun, good child, good child ♪”

Natsume: “Don’t pat mE. This is a storage space for “Switch’s” outfits and the likE, and there are also microphones and other stage equipment, sO.....

If your voice isn’t projecting weLL, use those, if you wisH”

Rei: “Thank you

...Oh, little one3, please don’t climb up my back”

Sora: “HaHa~♪ I’m sorry; if I did something rude, I apologize!”

Natsume: “Ahaha. That child doesn’t like feeling constraineD; there is a huge crowd, after aLL....

The oxygen near the ceiling is still densE, so Sora wants to be in a high place, righT?”

Sora: “Suu-haa4.... It’s the “color” of things burning, it’s such a heated atmosphere~♪


Natsume: “What’s wronG, Sora?”

Sora: “N~.... I feel like, someone is watching? I sense a gaze~?”

Natsume: “Ah, there was a surveillance camera there, wasn’t therE. I set it up to watch over customers who came for fortune telling from abovE

Fortune telling iS based off of observation and inference, after aLL

The video may very well be sent and saved withiN the network of Yumenosaki AcademY.....

It’s not a problem if someone sees iT, but if it’s bothering you, turn the camera ofF”

Sora: “Yes! Wink Wink.... For now, I’d like you to close your eyes for a bit~♪”

Mao: Ah, the video got cut off

What was that.... Seriously, I have no idea what was going on, but it is an unsettling video

Yuuta: Right? It clearly looks suspicious

Sakuma-senpai.... Judging from their outfits, he collected people participating in the “Setsubun Festival,” and it seems like he’s plotting something mischievous

Mao: Yeah, everyone was wearing the uniform outfit for the “Setsubun Fes.” It’s the same design as the ones for staff—what Yuuta-kun, Anzu, and I are wearing

It’s a little late to be asking this, but doesn’t that make it difficult to distinguish between staff members and participants?

Yuuta: N~..... During the “Setsubun Festival,” staff members are supposed to throw beans at idols who are running around the school, right?

I wouldn’t like it if people mistook us for participants and threw beans at us

Mao: Well, even if beans do hit us, it’s not like it’s a big deal, but

We should think up a way to differentiate the groups; all we’d have to do is put on an armband, or change our clothes, after all

Yuuta: Ahaha. As usual, we’re disorganized, or, how should I put it, doing things in a haphazard way

I’m worried.... Sakuma-senpai also seems like he’s plotting something; there’s an ominous wind blowing

Mao: This happens every time, though. It’s our role to diligently manage this event and make sure that it ends with “happily ever after”

Well, we’ve got to handle this as best we can

Wha~t should we do? The video got cut off mid-way... Should we get in touch with someone that was there, and check on the situation?

It does bother you a bit, doesn’t it

As management staff, we are of higher authority than the participants

If worse comes to worst, we can threaten them, saying, “If you act foolishly, we’ll make you retire~.” It’s not really a smart way to do things, though

H~mm.... Sakuma-senpai and, for some reason, two members of “Switch” were there

All of them are hard to deal with, or, how should I put it—even if we ask them all sorts of questions, they probably won’t answer honestly

Yuuta: Um. He didn’t say anything, but aniki was also there, too

Mao: Eh, I didn’t realize.... I don’t know if it’s because he’s usually lively and makes a lot of noise, but Hinata-kun is usually hard to ignore

Yuuta: Nn. When he’s alone, aniki doesn’t really have much of an aura....


Mao: Wh-what’s up?

Yuuta: No, something, slimy! A-around my leg, something weirdly warm! Hiiii!?

Mao: N~.......? What’s this; it’s not the season for spooky stories5, you know

Ritsu: Hey there, Ma~kun ♪

Mao: Woah, Ritsu!? What are you doing in such a dark, cramped space?

Ritsu: I was sleeping, obviously~.... This AV room is usually pretty empty, so it’s a quiet and convenient sleeping place

Fuaa, afu ♪

Anyhow. I heard something about anija, but what in the world is that idiot doing? If you’d like, let me get involved too, Ma~kun ♪

Today’s job starts at night, so I’m pretty much going to be bored until the sun sets.....♪

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1. “ぐっも〜にん” = “good morning,” written in hiragana
2. Natsume has a habit of making the last character at the end of a clause katakana, so we tried to express that through capitalization. (Changing hiragana to katakana does not particularly change the meaning of anything, it just looks weird and is meant to throw you off)
3. “Ochibi-chan
4. “Suu-haa” is the noise made when you take a deep breath
5. In Japan, the season for “kaidan” is summer, since they’re supposed to “give you the chills”