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Mine Lady | Epilogue 2

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Location: Tori’s house (drawing room)

Yuzuru: ....After waiting for so long, you nonchalantly came along and settled the issue in a moment. You truly are imperious but skilfull

Eichi: You sound cynical, but I’ll take it as praise

In truth, we can’t just play around, after all.... I had lots of fun, but we should also fulfill our duties as nobles

Important figures of the financial world will convene at tonight’s party. Using Machiavellianism1, I’ll capture one person at a time and make them sponsors of my empire

There’s not much I can do yet, but.... After graduation, I will officially become the head of the Tenshouin family

I’ll make the power I’ve obtained into the fertilizer that will make my dream blossom

I will cut into the entertainment world where corruption spreads, and level the ground to create a paradise for idols

And then, I will become... a beautiful, shining idol—like those I deeply admired, back when I was a innocent, dreaming child like you

I will stand proud, and dance and sing upon the stage, showing children dreams.....

I will become an ideal, admired being—so pure and genuine that it almost seems fake

After a long, long, journey to the starting line, today, I will take my first step into the endless future. I will await you beyond the dream I once saw

I don’t intend to cause the students of Yumenosaki any trouble after graduation, but

The entertainment world and the business world are both unconventional pandemoniums.... There are places that I cannot reach alone

That’s why I would like your help as well

You have social standings—you have respected names. At times, those might be heavy burdens, but if you use them well, they can become weapons beyond compare

It’s about time that you learned how to use them. This goes for adorable Tori and Tsukasa-kun as well

Let me serve as an example... it’s time to stop acting like servants and start learning the ways of nobles

Tsukasa: I-I could not wish for a better opportunity. I will learn from you, Tenshouin onii-sama

I am still deeply inexperienced. But as a proud knight, I hope to one day become a member of onii-sama’s army of dreams

So long as there is justice, so long as there is a cause. I will dedicate my sword to the emperor, and become a blade that crushes all ill will

Just as Leader... just as our king once did

As a knight, as a comrade who has spent time with you in the same school. Upon this battlefield known as the entertainment world, I will carry the same vision....

I will form an alliance with you, and fight by your side

I ask you to please remember this vow

....Ah, but, it would be helpful if you could forget my embarrassing behavior today

Eichi: Fufu. If it’s something like that, I think it’s fine. You reminded me of myself and Keito from years ago. The more you fight, the better you get along... Take good care of your precious friends

Tori: .........

Eichi: Tori? What’s wrong; are you having trouble keeping up with this sudden turn of events?

Tori: No. My little sister is looking this way worriedly, from beyond the door

....Come here. Change into a dress; the party is going to begin

You don’t need to be scared or worried; it’s all right. No matter what happens, I’ll be your “beloved onii-sama

So don’t pull any more silly pranks

Yuzuru: Oh, so you had noticed, bocchama? That all those pranks were caused by imouto-gimi.....?

Tori: No, actually, I just realized. I wanted to think that my little sister was an innocent, adorable angel, but. That’s not the case, right?

She’s an adorable little sister who is just like me..... Now I remember, I was also a prankster when I was little

Sometimes I made trouble for you, Yuzuru, because you would always lecture me

I just remembered that, so. I so~mehow deduced the culprit of the pranks

It really took me too long to figure it out, but. It’s cuter when you’re a little air-headed, right ♪

Yuzuru: Indeed. “Cuteness” is a weapon. But it is one that can only be used when you are an infant

You must also learn to fight like an adult, bocchama

Fortunately. You have predecessors whom you admire, as well as people—such as myself—who will support you. You also have an old rival who you must compete against and improve alongside

Bocchama, I believe that you will one day become an admirable head to the family who will leave his name in the history of the Himemiyas... no, in the history of the world

Yuzuru wishes to support you by your side, for all eternity

Tori: Yes, I expect you to do as you see fit~. I don’t intend to let you down, Yuzuru

Yuzuru: I believe in that.... “Master”

Fufu, imouto-gimi.... Please, stop being bashful, and come over here

I have an interesting video; I was filming bocchama for a while, but....

I shared it with Eichi-sama, but I had originally wished for imouto-gimi to see it

How is it? Bocchama, who always wants to look good, is making expressions and saying things that he usually does not within this mansion

He is crying, laughing, getting angry, and causing a ruckus—living just as someone his age should

Bocchama is always like this in Yumenosaki Academy—he spends his time freely, and fortunately

Is it right to steal these kinds of sparkling, youthful days, keeping them trapped within the mansion?

Excuse my insolence, but I certainly do not think it is

I understand that you may be lonely because your beloved onii-sama is not by your side during every hour of the day, but....

If you wish, I will film him and send you the videos, as I did this time

So please, stop sulking... do you not think you should cheer him on, as his one and only little sister?

For unlike me, you are his family

Tori: ....You’re family too, Yuzuru. Otherwise, you wouldn’t go through all this trouble for my sake

I’m always grateful, Yuzuru. Truly, thank you

Yuzuru: I am not worthy of such kind words. But there is no need for thanks

If you are a family, there is no need to say “thank you” every time someone does something for you

Rather, it makes me feel as if I am being poked fun at; you are being a bit too playful now....♪

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1. The phrase translated here as “Machiavellianism” is “権謀術数,” meaning to seek power by any means necessary, including trickery and deception