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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Chapter 1

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Location: Student Council Room

Eichi: Happy New Year ♪

I guess it’s too late for that. Anyhow, Tori, Yuzuru. What are you two getting all lively about; let me join the conversation, too

Tori: Ah, President~☆ Thank goodness, I was worried because you took so long to show up, you know~?

Eichi: I’m sorry, I was resting in the infirmary till now

It seemed like I was perfectly healthy in the morning, but I felt dizzy the moment we hit afternoon break

I could have managed to stay on my feet, but it would have been troublesome if I pushed myself too hard and they called my attending physician

I want to curse my unstable body—though there’s no use in saying that

Anyhow, I’ve recovered quite a bit after resting. So please don’t make a sad face. Smiles suit adorable Tori best

Tori: Y-yes. If there’s anything I can do, tell me, okay? If it’s for President’s sake, I’ll do anything ♪

Eichi: Fufu, that’s my line, Tori. When Tori asks to be spoiled, it makes me want to do anything

It’s a natural talent—your charming looks might also play a role

Tori: Ehehe, when President praises me, it makes me blush~♪

Um, President. I have something to say to you—actually, it’s a request, but will you listen to me?

Eichi: Of course. New Year’s means New Year’s allowances1. I don’t remember giving any to Tori, so let me give both you and Yuzuru one

Just spoiling you won’t help you grow, but this is a once-in-a-year event

I think it’s good for me to put on the air of a senior once in a while. I wonder if cash is a bit too straightforward; if there’s anything you want, go ahead and tell me

Tori: I got so much money from my relatives that I’m worried I won’t be able to use it all

I want a different kind of New Year’s allowance~ more specifically, I want to go somewhere with President ♪

Eichi: Of course. During winter break, I had to constantly consider my health. I needed the doctor’s permission just to leave the room; it was suffocating

I couldn’t appear on stage at the “Daikagura,” which I was looking forward to, either. I enviously watched “Trickstar” and “Akatsuki’s” performances from the seats of honor

It was incredible. There it was—what I had wanted to see, what I had wished for

It was so funny that I clutched my stomach while laughing out loud

It’s as expected of the revolutionaries to come up with such a crazy idea. It was so entertaining that I stood up from my seat and gave them my applause

But that’s exactly why I wished that I could stand there and fight against them

Keito is unfair; it feels like he came along and snatched away my precious toys

Well, I did say I’d enjoy the performance as an audience member, so that statement is virtually the same as a whining child’s, but

At the very least, it’d be nice if we could cause a ruckus and have as much fun as they did

There aren’t any suitable DreamFes performances around this time, so if we were to hold one, it would be an “S3”....

Fufu, I just came up with a good idea ♪

Prologue << | index | >> Chapter 2

1. Otoshidama, money given to children during the New Year