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Departure ☆ Dream Travel of the Blue Skies | Chapter 2

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Location: Student Council Room

Eichi: Hey Tori, Yuzuru. Don’t you guys want to do a “fine”-only live?

Tori: I do, I do!

But is that all right? I just wanted to go somewhere with President, but before I knew it, it feels like our plans got way bigger

Eichi: It’s fine, adorable Tori. I want to do a live—about half of this is my own selfishness

I just want to boast to Keito, who had fun at the “Daikagura,” that “our lives look just as fun, don’t they?”

Yuzuru: President-sama. Excuse me for interrupting, but what kind of DreamFes do you intend to hold?

“S3” are free-spirited, so they allow any kind of motif, but I think we need to come up with a theme

Eichi: That’s true. Honestly, so long as it’s fun, I don’t really care what the theme is

We established “S3” because we hoped that the school would become more lively if people held DreamFes performances of their free will

You only live once; it’s a waste if you don’t enjoy it so you have no regrets

Tori: President. Can I come up with the theme? I said I wanted to go somewhere with President, but truthfully, I wanted to travel abroad with you

At the end of the year, there was no Student Council work, and school was on break, too

So I made all sorts of plans because I hoped I could enjoy travelling abroad with President, but

I didn’t really understand things like connecting flights...

There were also so many potential vacation spots that I couldn’t choose, and while I was troubled over all that, the new year came along

It might be difficult to travel abroad now, but I want to at least enjoy that kind of atmosphere. So is it okay if we make the theme an “overseas trip”...?

Eichi: I said this already, but I’m fine with anything so long as it’s fun—that’s the kind of feeling I have for this DreamFes

If this were an “S1” or “S2,” we couldn’t just demand instant gratification

“S1” are held once every season, and “S2” are held once a month. It’s not surprising that certain obligations come along with those

But those don’t exist with “S3.” We insist people participate freely, but don’t accept proposals that are clearly reckless

It would be a huge problem if we said just anything was OK

That being said, an “overseas trip” is fine for a theme, and it’s not rare for a single “unit” to perform a live

I’ll submit a proposal along these lines

“S3” are getting livelier; this should be the time when problems begin to arise

I am the one who set up “S3”; if I say that I’m carrying this out in order to find points of improvement, Keito should have no objections

Tori: Ehehe, I’m glad President is enthusiastic about this~♪ If an overseas trip is the theme, then I guess the first thing that comes to mind is airplanes. Airplanes... hot air balloons.....

Uwah, now I’m reminded of an unpleasant guy!

Wataru: Did you call for me? No, even if I’m not called, if I sense an amusing atmosphere, I shall gallantly appear!

Happy New Year, it is Hibiki Wataru.....☆

Tori: Uhi, something came flying in through the window!? Wait, it’s cold, so shut the window! If President catches a cold, it’s Long-hair’s fault, okay?

Actually, put away the pigeons, too! Do you have some kind of sickness where you can’t live unless you perform magic tricks?

Wataru: Oh, excuse me. It must be because I was called all over to do performances during winter break. I’m restless unless I perform magic tricks

It might be an occupational disease, ahahahahaha....☆

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